Saturday, September 29, 2012

Learning How To Parent Your Blended Family

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One of the most common things people enter remarriage is to contemplate it especially when they both have children from the previous relationship. They usually needs to compare the parenting styles of both sides to see If there are adjustments needed to be done by them as parents. There might be some time that will came to your mind questioning yourself why mess with something that seems to be working fine.

Different strokes
It makes you wonder how many of the things will work such as disciplines, television permissions, bed times, daily chore and many more when it comes to different family approach. It is better to get things settled sooner with your partner and your new blended family when it comes to the parenting philosophies. While discovering the difference between you and your partner when it comes to parenting, it is important not to judge each other since your goal is to make agreement fair in your new family systems.

Create house rules
It is essential to have or create rules written down in notebook as a rules and guidelines for the new blended family home. This is essential when it comes to the time that step kids need references in order to make suggestions. The share of the children is very important in this kind of situation so meeting both families before moving into one home is really crucial.

Should you need information about step family or blended family, you can go to The Blended and Step Family Resource Center.

Discipline Standards for Transparency and Reliability in Blended Family

blended family
For blended family with step children and step siblings who have been raised, there are different parenting philosophies and clear cut standards together with expectations can be the saving graces. One of the many essential talks you and your new blended family spouse will be the individual styles of parenting in the step family situations being faced.

Blended family guidelines, boundaries and consequences
The new family dynamic is one of the several things of changes that is inherent when forming and managing a blended family. The usual rules and systems in the past implemented by single parent might not work well with the new blended family settings especially when the step kids expects to responds to different parenting styles or when step siblings of different ages, personalities and needs are included. The time for the two of you needs to discuss guidelines and boundaries for your kids and your new step family home, most likely before combining both families. This will help the new step parent an early pass on any blame with changes.

Planning the time with your new partner to discuss about the important things from both sides as parents makes the blended family works well. Some of the considerations are to know what both family likes and what they don’t. This is important to prevent conflicts between the two families joined together.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Happily Ever After Never Comes Easy for Blended Family

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The difficulty of stepfamily living is what makes many blended family fall since they are not prepared. Most people believe that lessons learned from your first marriage are enough in order to succeed with the remarriage. If you are already a parent, you assume that figuring out how to be a good step parent would be easy. Well, happily ever after is not given to such relationship easily.

Reality strikes in the step family
Stepfamilies are not very much like first families in the reality for many blended family couples especially if unprepared. The time generally allows the couple to enjoy being together especially to the building process of the relationship, which is normally before the children arrives.

Be prepared in your remarriage
The smart blended family couples normally see the potential of problems and do not get blindsided by the assumptions according to the Brady Bunch reruns on TV. They study the concepts of blended families that are successful and work at their marriages. They also know to overcome problems that may arise to their relationship as well as to their kids and able to surpass it. This is important to them especially to their step kids that expecting the problems will be ideal and make things much easier to resolve.

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Investing Communication for Relationship of Blended Family

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The odds are against the blended family especially if you and your wife has been married and then divorced with children. In the US, the rates of divorces are about 45 percent for first marriages, which is frightening enough. The divorce rate for a blended family is over 60 percent up to 70 percent for third marriage blended families.

How to avoid being included to those percentages? First you must understand that relationship needs effort and time. It is easy to take your partner but the one you cherish and love for granted. As time goes by, you forget to appreciate the things that were once special. You forget to take effort and time to do the little things he or she loved for you to do. You forgot to have sex as often and even let it become a routine event for both of you. You stop being grateful for everyday that you are both together. Making sure your relationship gets the care it deserves is vital to both of you especially for stressors of blended family life.

Communication is key in a step family

Why there are things that make the relationship fail, without having communications will make the situation more badly. The problem with blended family relationships is that they both believe they have been there and seen the disasters. Therefore, having communication with your spouse is important to make things work well. If you need more advice, you can visit The Blended and Step Family Resource Center.

Friday, September 14, 2012

About the Myths of Blended Family Life

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You’ve made a decision when you and your new partner decided to form a new blended family that is beneficial to the children partly. You will have to put several considerations to this kind of decision since you will be happier and secure in yourself as well as able to be more giving to your children, which in return the children will also be happier.

Whose choice is it?
Who chose to create the blended family and who decided that combining their lives with their new step parent and their kids was a great idea? Not you kids. By entering to this decision you are making a decision where the kids are going to blend with the universe since the person is not their usual parent. Therefore, there is no doubt that these step kids are not going to be well close with their new step parent.

Helping kids in a blended family cope
Acknowledging the feelings of your kids to cope with the new remarriage you bought into their lives is one of the best things you can to do them to help them. Talk and listen to your kids and let them express what they think about it. By doing this, you will make them also as an active listener in return. If you want your step kids to listen to you or to your partner, you will have to listen to them also.

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Adult Step Kids Makes Step Parent Struggles

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Most people think that entering remarriage arrangement with adult children would not include struggles for blended family. You might also think that the children will accept their new step parent since they understand their parent’s happiness. Not necessary and not always. Actually, it is hardly that you would think also that there would only few issues between step kids and step parents.

Expectations for an all-adult blended family
People with adult children will generally think that they have entirely reasonable expectation as they will be free to concentrate on each other when entering a new blended family. They have already raised their own children and look forward to a relationship free from tension and stress if they were expecting raising step kids. The happy adult blended family scenarios takes time, lowering of expectations and understanding in many cases where sweet model matches reality.

What is the problem with adults kids in a blended family
The real question you need to put into your mind is what grown children possess against their parent being happy. Why they are not happy that you found new relationship with someone who will share with your lonely life. You might also think that growing families would feel relief by not having to worry about you being along. The truth is, their problem might also be the same as it might be if they were still living at home.

Should you need help or advice for your new blended family especially when it comes to step kids, you can visit The Blended and Step Family Resource Center.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Communications Guidance with Ex-Spouse for Blended Family

Are experience difficulties talking with your ex-spouse about your kids? Does it end up into an argument each time you talk about it? Here are few suggestions for who, what, where, when and how to communicate with your ex-spouse effectively.

Your current spouse and mate should always have primary communication and discuss about your spouse first.

The only thing you need to consider why you talk or communicate with your ex-spouse is because of the children and none other.

Speak with your ex-spouse if it is urgent related such as illness or trauma, but needs to have focus while talking with one another or should we say in the state of mind.

There is no need for a meet ups when you need to talk with your ex-spouse, but in some cases, you can select a place where both of you have the neutral side where discussion can be done effectively.

Talking with your ex-spouse regarding the kids is acceptable, however consider emails or phone first before any other method if it is effective.

You need to maintain a working relationship with your ex-spouse with some limitations and only for the purpose of cases involving the kids.

Being a parent is tough in a blended family but if you focus your mind and stay on the right track, it will be a lot easier. Just keep in mind that you always do the right thing for the kids.

Struggles for Blended Family about Getting Along with Teenager and New Spouse

Since children needs to create themselves as competent individuals and must obtain independence, raising them is always a challenge for parent. This is the important drive also for children to establish control and learn the function of adult world with regards to making decisions on their own. Therefore, it is advisable to provide them the freedom to decide for their own sake to practice their skills and their love to the environment. Once there is a teenager in the house and we accept it, the place will be challenging but will get easier to the parents.

The teenage challenge for a blended family
For cases that we added a step parent or siblings and a new baby to the family, then we must expect the fact that raising a teenager will be a lot more challenging. The older step kid in the blended family is usually the hard one to accept a step parent and the new blended family mix. Therefore, accepting this fact will make the process a lot easier again. It is important that you don’t make judgment to the step kids especially when you’re a step parent who’s disagreeable for the kid. It is also important to have patience for every step they are going through regarding the new blended family adjustments.

If you need information or help about blended family related concerns, you can visit The Blended and Step Family Resource Center to get the advice needed for your situation.