Friday, May 18, 2012

How to take Advantage of the Summer Vacation in Bonding Your Blended Family?

Blending you blended family during summer vacations can be a great way for everyone in your blended family to bond. Finding the right activities for you and your blended family is something that you should take advantage of specially during summer vacations. Today, we will list down some tips on how you can take advantage of the summer vacation in blending your blended family.

  1. Since summer vacation ensures that step dads and step moms see the kids more often, this is also a great time for step siblings to be with each other. Perfect timing is crucial if your blended family will have great and enjoyable activities. Although sleep is crucial for kids, staying late every once in a while can be of great advantage specially for your blended family activities.
  2. Summer vacation is also a great way for a family meeting, this will bring up issues that your blended family can focus on. If you have house rules, revising some of them can be of great way of bonding with your step children.
  3. You do not have to stay at home all summer long, you can enjoy summer vacations (if the budget permits) and summer activities. Have a picnic in the park, go shopping with the kids, this way you are able to bond with your step kids and them with their step siblings.

Whatever the case with your blended family is, summer vacation is a great time to bond with your new family. The Blended Family Resource Center is a great site, where you can learn some other blended family tips, that you can use in focusing on your step children and your biological children in a fair manner.  

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