Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Achieving success in a blended family life.

A step family, also called a blended family, is not uncommon where about 7 in 10 remarriages include children from a previous relationship. However, the process of a family “blending” to begin a stepfamily is not always a smooth ride, in fact, it rarely is. In most cases, children resist the changes they have to deal with, while disappointment or frustration is common for parents like you when your expectations with your new family do not work.

A successful relationship with a blended family is a result of proper planning on your part, sufficient time for adjustment for everyone involved, realistic expectations, sound guiding principles, and the commitment to make things work and live together harmoniously. The creation of a healthy blended family life involves:
1.       Mutual respect
2.       Open and healthy communication
3.       Positive attitude
4.       Tons of love
5.       Patience that endures

Your divorce may have been difficult for you, but keep in mind that a stepfamily is new to you, your partner, your children, and your stepkids. As it is, there is a tremendous demand for emotional adjustment for everyone in the circle. Focusing on your new family is key to properly and quickly adjust to the relationship. By consistently upholding the right principles of effective blended family living, you too can achieve what others already have. Remember that to successfully live as blended family is difficult, but is not impossible.

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